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Record Greenhouse Gases Continue to Accumulate in the Atmosphere, by Henry Auer

Sep 24th, 2014 | By

The World Meteorological Organization, an agency of the United Nations, reported recently that the global average concentration of carbon dioxide, a major GHG, reached a record level of 396 parts per million in 2013 …

Sea Level Rise: Mitigation and Adaptation in the Risky Business Model

Jul 16th, 2014 | By

Summary.  Sea level rise is caused by expansion of ocean water as the world’s temperature rises, and by net melting of glaciers, ice sheets and ice shelves.  Ice will continue melting as long as the temperature remains above the freezing point. Sea level rise is already impacting coastal cities in the U. S. and elsewhere. 

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The Risky Business Project Report: a Business Perspective on Global Warming

Jul 4th, 2014 | By

The Risky Business Project, describes historical patterns of changes brought about by global warming in the U. S., and projects future changes up to the year 2100 based on risk analysis as used in the business world. Click on this Environmental Headline for more from global warming expert and Headlines contributor Henry Auer.

Denying Global Warming Has No Scientific Basis, by Henry Auer

May 17th, 2014 | By

A denier of global warming asserts that the recent U. S. National Climate Assessment includes statements “that are (at best) misleading.” The denier inappropriately claims the Assessment’s use of a graphic image overlaying recent annual carbon dioxide emissions and annual values of global average temperature “shows correlation, and implies causation.”

The Faithful Oppose Global Warming: Stewardship of God’s Creation

Jan 5th, 2014 | By

The sacred writings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam include fundamental revelations that God (Allah) placed humanity on earth as part of creation. God’s (Allah’s) creation is for the benefit of humanity, leading to our prospering and growth. In turn, it is incumbent on humanity to be stewards of God’s (Allah’s) creation so that it can

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Unavoidable Answer for the Problem of Climate Change

Nov 22nd, 2013 | By

Henry Auer copied us in on his response to the above article:
There must be a role for renewable energy in the world’s future energy mix. Humanity must migrate away from fossil fuels as fast as possible.
There is no technology currently available to remove CO2 from the atmosphere once emitted.

IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, Part 1: The Physical Science Basis, By Henry Auer

Oct 7th, 2013 | By

The Report first summarizes past changes in the climate system. It states that the recent warming of the earth’s climate is “unequivocal.” Since the 1950s changes in many climate parameters including concentrations of greenhouse gases; temperature; loss of snow cover, glaciers and ice sheets; and rising sea levels are “unprecedented” considering the last decades to thousands of years. There are many recognized contributions to these effects but by far greatest single factor is the increase in the atmospheric concentration of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Click on this Environmental Headline for more from climate change expert Henry Auer.

China Considers Programs to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sep 12th, 2013 | By

The world’s use of energy is expanding. Much of this demand is concentrated in developing countries of the world, especially China. Their energy needs are furnished primarily by fossil fuels, leading to high annual rates of emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, increasing in China historically by 6.4% per year. Coal is its principal fuel.

CO2 and Temperature Changes Are Correlated for 800,000 Years

Jun 29th, 2013 | By

Global warming and cooling cycles over geological time scales are correlated with increasing and decreasing concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide, respectively. This post documents correlated changes occurring a) during the recent post-industrial period of global warming, b) over the last one thousand years, and c) over the past 800,000 years. Except for the industrial period,

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President Obama Proposes Expanded Growth of Sustainable Energy

Jan 23rd, 2013 | By

In his second inaugural address U. S. President Barack Obama highlighted the need for developing sustainable energy sources. He noted the damages inflicted by recent extreme weather and climate events. He then set forth the objective of expanding the role of sustainable energy in the American economy, expressing the intent to make the U. S.

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Fossil Fuels and Global Warming: An 11-minute instructional video from global warming expert and EH contributor Henry Auer

Nov 19th, 2012 | By

Click on this environmental headline to watch this informative, instructional, educational and important video. Also, visit Environmental Headlines for “Fracking: The Untold Story,” a must-watch video about the benefits and pitfalls of fracking.

Production Tax Credit for Wind Energy in the U. S.

Oct 24th, 2012 | By

One way of reducing the rate of emission of carbon dioxide is to generate electric power from renewable sources, including wind energy. In the U. S. renewable energy has been aided by a production tax credit since 1992, that, in fits and starts, Congress has repeatedly granted and taken away. Henry has a way of presenting our energy problems and solutions in a way a 3-year-old can understand. Why can’t the rest of America and the world understand it?

Extreme Weather Events and Global Warming

Aug 14th, 2012 | By

Summary. We are experiencing an increased perception of extreme weather events in recent years. Here we discuss two new research papers confirming, by rigorous statistical analysis, that recent heat waves are unprecedented in history. With a very high probability, these events are attributed to long-term global warming . Extreme events such as heat waves and

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Carbon Capture and Storage Investment Is Strongly Needed | Global Warming Blog by Henry Auer

Aug 2nd, 2012 | By

Summary. Increased burning of fossil fuels leads to greater global warming, resulting in disasters from extreme weather events. These carry heavy financial burdens. An important, but unproven technology for mitigating global warming is removal and burying waste carbon dioxide using carbon capture and storage. Worldwide research, development and demonstration, while active, is considered inadequate to

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Induced Earthquakes A Potential Hazard for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide

Jun 29th, 2012 | By

The world is burning fossil fuels at an ever-increasing rate, resulting in increased release of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This results in an increase in the long-term globally averaged temperature. Consequently there is great interest in developing carbon capture and storage in geological repositories to help abate the increase in atmospheric

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Private Sector Investment in Renewable Energy and the Need for Federal Subsidies | Global warming blog by Henry Auer

Jun 3rd, 2012 | By

Institutions in the private sector are actively implementing renewable energy projects that optimize energy efficiency, install local renewable energy facilities, and/or purchase energy that has been generated by renewable technologies. Motivations for undertaking these projects include economizing on costs, reducing overall energy usage, and reducing fossil fuel use and emission of greenhouse gases. In order

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Public Attitudes about Extreme Weather and Increased Global Average Temperatures Changing

Apr 22nd, 2012 | By

Yale University and George Mason University released their latest survey, Extreme Weather, Climate & Preparedness in the American Mind, concerning attitudes of the American public over long-term world-wide average temperature and extreme weather events, in April, 2012.  A clear majority of the American public finds that unusual weather events have occurred in the preceding year. 

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