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The Rise of ‘Phoenix Pharm’ in New Haven | Melissa Waldron, via LCI

Jul 27th, 2012 | By

To the average observer, the site in the photo might look like an uninhabitable, barren moon-scape vacant lot but to us at New Haven Farms, it’s a gorgeous, mouth-watering, hunka-hunka piece o’ land that is due to become the next New Haven Farms site! Melissa Waldron reports for New Haven’s Liveable Cities Initiative.

New Haven-based Phoenix Press Receives EPA Green Power Leadership Award

Oct 21st, 2010 | By

New Haven-based Phoenix Press has received a 2010 Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. EPA. The annual awards recognize the country’s leading green power purchasers for their commitment and contribution to helping advance the development of the nation’s voluntary green power market.