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New Haven Downtown Crossing Advances

Apr 20th, 2012 | By

After months of public debate and criticism, plans to start filling in the Route 34 Connector with new development sailed through the City Plan Commission Wednesday night.

Downtown Crossing Details Stress The Upscale

Apr 5th, 2012 | By

Carter Winstanley will have to make “art objects” a part of his big new development project. Pictures of New Haven, too. His tenants can sell wine—but no beer. Dollar stores? “Adult” establishments? Forget it.

New Haven road plan tarnishes the TIGER program

Jan 21st, 2012 | By

With funds from the Obama Administration’s TIGER program and other sources, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. intends to replace the short Rt. 34 expressway with two wide streets—a circulation network that would do more to accommodate heavy flows of vehicular traffic than to make an environment conducive to walking and neighborhood life. Click on this environmental headline for more on this story.

Score 1 for New Haven cyclists: Connecticut transportation officials approve changes in Route 34 plan

Jan 13th, 2012 | By

The state Department of Transportation has approved all 50 modifications requested for the first phase of the Route 34 conversion to urban boulevards that were changed to make them more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. The New Haven Register reports.

New Haven’s Downtown Crossing: New Haven’s revised Downtown Crossing project doomed at start

Dec 29th, 2011 | By

Downtown Crossing was awarded a $23 million U.S Department of Transportation TIGER grant, one of the largest issued from Washington, to do the job. Yet the plan’s current design does not align itself with the stated intent of the project. The Hartford Courant reports.

EDITORIAL: Route 34 redesign key to downtown New Haven future

Nov 25th, 2011 | By

Some traffic, pedestrian safety concerns addressed, more work left for future. A turning point in the debate about the redesign of Route 34 from Union Avenue to the Air Rights Garage was reached when Alderman Justin Elicker pulled out a measuring tape at a September hearing.The tape seemed to stretch out forever as the alderman

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Yale students push for greener Route 34 project?

Nov 22nd, 2011 | By

They support changes worked out between the city and the Board of Aldermen that make crosswalks along Route 34 where it intersects with Church, College and York streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, but they feel the city can do more. A $30 million plan to replace Route 34 with two urban boulevards and reclaim

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Yale students push for greener Route 34 project?

Nov 18th, 2011 | By

As afternoon traffic on Route 34 streamed by Thursday, a group of Yale students urged the city to push for public transportation options to help cut pollution as New Haven embarks on major changes along the heavily traveled roadway. Click on this environmental headline for more on this story.

Cyclists, Pedestrians Gain In Downtown New Haven Crossing Redesign

Nov 14th, 2011 | By

Signers of the August proposal—including 11 aldermen, one former alderman turned state rep, and an alderman-elect—called on the city to make the project more amenable to walkers and cyclists and less focused on the needs of motorists.

Contentious public hearings on the proposal ensued, as well as behind-the-scenes negotiations, resulting in a new design agreed to last week.

Route 34 Resolution Passes City Committee: New Haven Safe Streets Coalition

Nov 10th, 2011 | By

Thanks to community support, last month, the Route 34 Resolution passed the Board of Aldermen’s Community Development Committee by a vote of 4-3. Please thank Alderpersons Bitsie Clark, Claudette Robinson-Thorpe, Dolores Colon, and Greg Morehead for voting in favor of the resolution, which you can view if you click on this environmental headline for more information.

The Death Row of Urban Highways

Nov 4th, 2011 | By

Apocryphal or not, the story offers little solace to current city residents. In cities across the country, highway-placement decisions of yesterday continue to impact life today. The ghosts of the interstate era still linger in New Haven’s Route 34 Connector, for instance, which has bifurcated the downtown district for more than half a century. For

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Panel Urges Downtown Crossing Re-do in New Haven

Oct 17th, 2011 | By

While there is widespread approval for an evolving plan to link downtown New Haven to surrounding neighborhoods, turning the Route 34 corridor into “urban boulevards” and connecting streets, critics say the city’s plan is too committed to wide roads that carry vehicles, causing serious safety concerns for cyclists and pedestrians.

Downtown Crossing Critics: New Haven Meant Well, Did Badly

Oct 10th, 2011 | By

As maverick architect Robert Orr received an “urban angel” award he spoke of a devil in the details—of the city’s plan to remake the Route 34 Connector into a project called Downtown Crossing.

New Haven Aldermen question Route 34 development

Sep 30th, 2011 | By

Nearly a year after the city first announced federal funding for a project to reshape the downtown area, members of the Board of Aldermen are expressing doubts over whether the plan will succeed. Click on this headline for more from YDN, and the New Haven Independent.

New Haveners Worry Route 34 Removal Will Be Less Than Transformative

Sep 8th, 2011 | By

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign strongly supports the vision laid out in New Haven’s application for the TIGER II grant. But many local advocates and policymakers are worried that the implementation won’t live up to the vision.

New Haven aldermen want Route 34 crossing to be less ‘car-centric’

Aug 24th, 2011 | By

The city’s active cycling community has teamed up with a group of aldermen and state Rep. Roland Lemar, D-New Haven, to propose changes to the Route 34 plan that would shift focus from cars to pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit.

“Car-Centric” Critique Gets New Backing | New Haven Independent

Aug 3rd, 2011 | By

As plans move forward to revitalize a car-filled section of highway entering downtown New Haven, aldermen are calling on the city to make the end product less “auto-centric” and more friendly to walkers and cyclists. Eleven aldermen, one former alderman, and one alderman-in-waiting officially submitted a measure to that effect at Monday evening’s meeting of

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Envisioning Downtown Crossing: A Community Conversation and Workshop July 30-31

Jul 29th, 2011 | By

The New Haven Urban Design League, working with neighborhood groups, and members of the Yale Traffic Safety Group, the Downtown Wooster Square Management Team, the Environmental Justice Network, Elm City Cycling, the Congress for the New Urbanism, and others, is planning to hold a two-day discuss/design/sketch workshop on Downtown Crossing, which will be open to the public. Click on this environmental headline for more information.

Rell Pushes Through $20 Million; Route 34, others to benefit

Jan 3rd, 2011 | By

Connecticut will borrow about $20 million to repair buildings, upgrade parks and make other improvements in more than a dozen communities.

Downtown Crossing Will Help New Haven Thrive – By Mayor John DeStefano Jr.

Dec 17th, 2010 | By

This project, known as Downtown Crossing, is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reconnect neighborhoods and provide economic opportunities in the heart of the city.