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2013 Summer Forecast: Drought in West; Frequent Storms in Midwest, East, South

May 3rd, 2013 | By

May 2, 2013 — State College, PA — AccuWeather has issued a summer outlook for the U.S. every year, focusing on the major highlights of the season. Most areas from the Mississippi Valley to the mid-Atlantic coast will have more days with rain and near-normal temperatures this summer, while heat and drought build over much

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2011 storms ‘revealing’: Annual CEQ report. Who’s violating Connecticut’s Environmental Laws?

Jun 10th, 2012 | By

The October snowstorm resulted in “atrocious” air quality, apparently because of emissions from generators, wood stoves and fireplaces, according to the Council on Environmental Quality’s annual report delivered to the governor Thursday.

“Northern Connecticut probably saw particle levels over twice the standard that protects human health,” the report says. Click on this environmental headline for more on this story.

Coastal management legislation balances environmental concerns with property rights

May 9th, 2012 | By

Legislation to protect the shoreline from such ravages of future storms, as well as the compounding impact of sea level rise, has passed the General Assembly. While it stops far short of a list of mandates, it does represent a sea-change — so to speak — in what the state considers necessary to manage the

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Rewire Connecticut’s electrical system: Rewire Connecticut’s electrical system

Feb 2nd, 2012 | By

Now that Connecticut’s electrical power has been fully restored, the typical governmental responses are kicking in: point fingers, hold hearings and propose changes to existing practices. And, as is also typical, the discussions will take place within a distinct silo of a single issue. In this case, it is the pre- and post-storm performance of Connecticut Light & Power. Jefferson B. Davies writes in The Hartford Courant.