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The ’10 Best Hiking Trails on Long Island’

Aug 1st, 2013 | By

Earn your hiking stripes and bragging rights by exploring Long Island’s finest trails. Traverse past haunted lighthouses stuffed with peg legs, otherworldly landscapes, sunbathing seals, and sparkling seasides.

What are your plans for CT Trails Day Weekend?

May 30th, 2013 | By
Trolley Trail, Stony Creek (photo: cjzurcher)

There is no shortage of fun outdoor activities planned for this coming weekend–267 registered outings to be exact, in 153 towns on over 575 miles of trail. The largest National Trails Day celebration in the nation!

William O’Neill Is Manchester’s Tireless Trails Advocate

Jun 7th, 2012 | By

Rick Green of The Hartford Courant first spoke with William O’Neill over the phone a decade ago when he interviewed him for a story about closing the gaps in Manchester in the Charter Oak Greenway, a multiuse trail running in bits and pieces from the banks of the Connecticut River in East Hartford to Bolton

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New Hiking Trails At Rocky Hill’s Dividend Park

Jun 2nd, 2012 | By

Under the direction of Ed Chiucarello, dozens of local residents and hiking enthusiasts have participated in weekend cleanups since January on the historic 68-acre property, which is both a town park and a state-recognized archaeological preserve. For more on this story, visit: New Hiking Trails At Rocky Hill’s Dividend Park The Results Of Months Of

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Rocky Hill Man Leads Effort To Clean Up, Improve Trails At Historic Park

Feb 20th, 2012 | By

Under the direction of Ed Chiucarello, more than a dozen volunteers turned out Saturday morning to clear brush, pick up trash and clear long-neglected foundations at one of those places: the 68-acre Dividend Pond Park, a focus of local industry from early colonial days until the later 19th century. For more on this story, visit:

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Housatonic Heritage announces its grants program — physical and interpretive trails

Oct 7th, 2011 | By

The theme this year is trail projects — both physical and interpretive trails The program will support trail projects that provide residents and visitors with expanded opportunities for outdoor enjoyment, an enhanced heritage experience through walking, bicycling or hiking, and / or a more complete understanding and enjoyment of the area’s history, cultural heritage, or

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